Remarkable results

Remarkable results in our October 22 auction

“Who bids more? Going once, going twice, sold!" followed by a resolute blow of the auctioneer's hammer. The next lot is already on its pedestal. That's the rhythm with which more than 600 works of art were auctioned last Saturday. The top quality offer reached top results: €192,500 for Christian Dotremont, €122,100 for Edgard Tytgat and €109,000 for Robert Combas.

Studio of P.P. Rubens - "Christ and the Adulteress"

Old Masters

The auction immediately got off to a flying start with an extraordinary Old Masters selection. Paintings and sculptures revealing pure mastery attracted the eye of an international crowd. For the first lot, a large painting from the studio of Pieter Paul Rubens depicting “Christ and the Adulteress”, bidding got heated. The painting fetched a whopping €30,720.

There was also a lot of interest in the depiction of “Hermes giving the golden apple to Paris”, attributable to Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini. The result was €15,000. A large marble sculpture “Sater with cymbals and kroupezion” by Antonio Frilli fetched €25,000.

Edgard Tytgat - "The blind man and Spring" (1924)

Post -Impressionism

“Landscape with rainbow” (1904) by Léon de Smet was one of the most colorful paintings in this catalog. The artist managed to capture a true impressionistic reverie. Many were captivated by it. The final result was € 56,760.

By Gustave De Smet there was the masterfully painted canvas “Porcelain in an interior” (1911), a painting typical of the earlier years in the oeuvre of this artist. The painting reached € 112,500.

Edgard Tytgat reveal himself to be a visual master storyteller through his paintings, such as “The Blind man and Spring” (1924). Tytgat gives free rein to his imagination in this charming depiction in fresh green hues, which fetched the beautiful result of €122,100 – the third highest amount ever at auction for this artist.

The “Interior of the Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon in Brussels” by the Chinese artist Sadji got a large international interest. Via telephone and internet, bids were made for this masterfully painted church interior. Finally, €125,000 was quoted, the highest amount for this artist at a Belgian auction.


“Punt and Crick” (1942) is an important painting by the Danish artist Asger Jorn. Even before the auction, it got attention from far and wide. Through telephone bidding, the work got wall past his estimate. Ultimately, the amount of € 43,860 was quoted.

The set of 14 logograms from 1976 by Christian Dotremont was one of the most important pieces in this auction. The 14 logograms, which together form one poetic artwork, were specially created on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Børge Birch, leading art dealer in Denmark. The highest amount ever achieved for this artist at auction: a true record of €192,500.

Christian Dotremont - "Logograms" (1976)

Robert Combas - “Madam' et Yves (Comprenez Adam et Eve)” (2010)

Nouveau realism

“Nu de Saint-Denis 1” is an important bronze sculpture by César from 1956. Demand was high: all telephone lines were reserved. The result was the highest amount ever achieved at auction for a sculpture from this series by the French artist, ultimately amounting to €90,100.

For the remarkable painting by Manolo Valdes entitled “La infanta doña Margarita V” (1985), €38,700 was eventually quoted. A surprising result was recorded for Jan Cox's “Ik sla op hol” (1977). The amount of €46,440 is a true record for this artist at auction.

“Madam' et Yves (Comprenez Adam et Eve)” (2010) is an impressive canvas measuring 168 x 117 cm. The work is a fine example of Robert Combas's rich imagination, eventually fetchingthe amount of €109,300.

Lynn Chadwick - "Winged Figures (737)" (1976)

Abstract Art

One of the most coveted works in this auction was the extraordinary bronze sculpture by Lynn Chadwick “Winged Figures (737)” (1976). The artist dances with gravity. This elegant artwork eventually fetched the important amount of €96,500.

There was a great deal of interest in some sounding international names. Phone lines and the internet got busy for “Parallel Curves” (2002) by Sol LeWitt. The artwork in gouache on paper achieved €68,750. Hermann Nitsch's “Untitled (Schüttbild)” (2000) was quoted for €46,440, and Peter Halley's “Green Prison” (2001) was quoted for €87,500.

(*All results listed are including sales costs)

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