Auction results

A number of important results of past sales can be viewed here.
You can also download past sale results (hammer prices) as a PDF.

Auction 172 - 2 March 2019

An auction that ended in applause. The most expensive work was "Woman on a horse", a bronze sculpture by Fernando Botero that was sold for € 471,750 (total price). Théo Van Rysselberghe's canvas "Le collier rose III" reached € 341.600. For 42 works a price of over € 25.000 was noted, of which 11 above € 100.000. Modern and contemporary art achieved particularly high results. Read more

Auction 171 - 20 October 2018

Extraordinary results on all fronts during this auction. Top prices were reached for "Le ravin” (1913) by Rik Wouters, sold € 231.800 - the highest amount ever paid in auction for a watercolour by the artist -, for “Summer Afternoon” (1979) by Walasse Ting, sold € 231.800, and for “My Way” by Jean-Michel Folon, sold € 213.000. Read more

Auction 170 - 19 May 2018

Several records for distinguished Belgian artists have been broken during our 170th auction, held in our saleroom in Lokeren. No less than 40 works of art have been attributed for the total amount exceeding € 25.000, with 21 works sold above € 50.000 and 5 works reaching over € 100.000. € 488.000 for "The dynamic of the dance" by Jules Schmalzigaug; € 188.000 for "Perle fine" by Oscar Jespers; € 119.250 for "La pose" by Edgard Tytgat; € 109.800 for "Adultère" by Léon Spilliaert; € 100.500 for "Portrait of Augusta Boogaerts seated" by James Ensor. Read more

Remarkable results

A choice of past results starting from 1982. Highlights such as the "Self Portait" from 1908 by Léon Spilliaert, Paul Delvaux' "Les Louves" or René Magritte's "Madame Recamier", but also some top results from Old Master Painting to Modern and Contemporary Art, from Alexander Calder to Feng Zhengjie. Read more

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