Auction results

A number of important results of past sales can be viewed here.
You can also download past sale results (hammer prices) as a PDF.

Auction 180 - 23 October 2021

Since more than a year again an auction for a live audience in the room. An audience that participated very actively in the bids, which also at the telephone and online, regularly rose to unpredicted heights. For the American artist Barbara Chase-Riboud, a world record auction price was achieved, €268,400. Very strong results were also obtained for works by, among others, Evarist De Buck (€238,000) and Pierre Alechinsky (€213,000), which were sold far above the high estimate. Thirtynine works were sold for a total price above € 25,000, of which nine achieved a total price above € 100,000. Read more

Auction 179 - 15 May 2021

The opening of the brand new exhibition space “The Cube”, the digital revolution, four top auctions: De Vuyst has had a challenging auction season! As icing on the cake, several auction records were broken during this May auction, including for Roger Raveel (275,100 €) and Pierre-Louis Flouquet (163,000 €). Forty-six works were sold for a total price above € 25.000. Read more

Auction 178 - 6 March 2021

Massive interest in this auction, where bidding was very intensive both on the phone and online. World record prizes for “The man who measures the clouds” by Jan Fabre (€ 594.250) and “Fontaine aux poissons” by Jean-Michel Folon (€ 422.700). Thirty-eight works were sold for a total price above € 25.000. Read more

Auction 177 - 5 December 2020

An auction behind closed doors, without an audience. But hundreds of telephone bidders and extremely active online bidders made it a dazzling auction. Impressive results were noted in every category. Top prizes were reached for "La terrasse de café" (1907) by Auguste Herbin with € 324,300 and "Boy at the piano" by Gustave Van de Woestyne, with € 366,000. Extraordinary results also for modern and contemporary art, including “Grande île nocturne” by Jef Verheyen (€ 138,000) and “Diamond” by Jan Fabre ( € 97,600). Forty-five works were sold for a total price above € 25,000. Read more

Remarkable results

A choice of past results starting from 1982. Highlights such as the "Self Portait" from 1908 by Léon Spilliaert, Paul Delvaux' "Les Louves" or René Magritte's "Madame Recamier", but also some top results from Old Master Painting to Modern and Contemporary Art, from Alexander Calder to Feng Zhengjie. Read more

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