De Vuyst provides estimates for artworks that are suitable for sale with us as well as estimates of art possessions for insurance and division. You can submit your application by using the online form below.

  1. Fill out the form. Share your personal details and tell us as much detail as possible about your artwork(s).

  2. Add pictures. Including photos of the front and back, the frame, signature and other details.

  3. Submit your request. Our staff will answer you as soon as possible.


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Valuations for sale

De Vuyst gives free and confidential advice to owners who wish to propose works of art for sale. Our experts are at your disposal for valuations.

For a first opinion you can contact us via e-mail with a complete description of the works you wish to propose for sale (photograph, dimensions, technique, signature, provenance, condition).You can do this by using the online form with which you can send along a reproduction if wanted. Please note that these valuations might be reviewed after examination of the works.

The works of art for which a valuation is demanded have to be your personal possession.

• Valuations take place in the gallery, by appointment, during the opening hours.

• For valuations of important collections our experts can come at home. To make an appointment you can contact: Hervé Lescornez by phone +32 9 348 54 40 or

Honoré Daumier, 'Une vente aux enchères aux Champs-Élysées', 1851

Valuation of artworks for insurance or division purposes

A professional and detailed valuation, an objective estimate, is the first condition to exclude doubts about the value of your works of art in case of division or insurance in case of damage or theft. Expertise is essential in that matter. Valuation of your collection also gives you an overview of its current value. The whole of services provided for by De Vuyst offer – not only to the private owner, but also to the professionals – the following advantages:

Honoré Daumier, 'Des artistes examinent le tableau d'un rival', 1852


Depending on the scale and content of the collection, a valuation is delivered within two weeks. You will receive a detailed and confidential inventory.


Because of its activities as an auction house, De Vuyst is well informed about all the latest worldwide auction results.


Valuations can be made ‘in situ’. Travel expenses will be charged. For a limited number of works its preferable to let valuations take place in the gallery.


As an extra precaution De Vuyst can photograph your works of art as reference in case of damage and theft.

Adjustment of the valuation

The value of your works of art can change in time. Gallery De Vuyst offers the possibility to adjust valuations after two years and this for half of the usual cost.

Valuation costs

Costs for valuations are:

  • 1,5 % for the first 12.500 euro;

  • 1% for the following 50.000 euro;

  • 0,5 % for the sum above 62.500 euro.

These costs will be refunded for the works of art that are offered in auction at Gallery De Vuyst within the year following the valuation.