Winter Wonders

Tuesday to Saturday between 10-12pm and 2-6pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday

Closed from 24 December until January 2nd

Pierre Paulus de Ch√Ętelet - "Mining village of Wallonia"

White, whiter, whitest... Dive into the snow with these wintry artworks.

When temperatures drop and lights twinkle in the dark hours, the world transforms. White landscapes give birth to new aesthetic ideas, different perspectives, and unique brushstrokes.

The labor on the land of Flemish Expressionists like Hubert Malfait is frozen. He awaits the arrival of spring. Impressionists explore the light reflections of swirling snowflakes. The whimsical treetops of Armand Tavernier are outlined with a layer of white. Artists are always fascinated by the seasons and their characteristic atmospheric changes. Come and discover their unique mind at this winter exhibition.

The exhibited artworks are available for direct purchase. They can be viewed in the gallery and on the website.

  • Theodoor Van Heil (to be attributed) - "Winter landscape with a view of Brussels"

  • Hubert Malfait - "Snowy landscape under a pale yellow sky" (1962)

  • Renaat Ivens - "Lijn" (1972)

  • Jan Cockx - "A snowy landscape"

  • Armand Tavernier - "Snow landscape"

  • Marcel Notebaert - "Snow landscape with hunter"

  • Georges Buysse - "Snow landscape"

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