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Rotraut Klein-Moquay - "Fire Dancer" (2003)

The silhouette is shrouded in a mysterious and tranquil atmosphere. The depiction is clearly defined, but details are camouflaged by a play of light and shadow. The artist depicts the invisible. The silhouette appears as a reflection in a light-flooded decor. Or like a shadow in a moody setting.

The silhouette offers the artist countless aesthetic possibilities. An elegant abstraction containing simplicity and beauty. The uncertainty leaves room to our imagination. The ambiguity between the figures and the background, between light and dark, the inner and the outer creates a particular interaction.

De Vuyst dives into its collection bringing together an ensemble of extraordinary artworks in a temporary exhibition. The exhibited works are available for direct purchase.

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The trill of life
  • Evelyne Axell - "Le beau châssis" (1967)

  • Jan De Vliegher - "Capitool 1" (2008)

  • Rotraut Klein-Moquay - "Fire Dancer" (2008)

  • Benjamin De Vuyst - "Study of Motion" (2018)

  • Felix De Boeck - "Twilight" (1979)

  • George Minne - "Mother and child. Desire for peace" (ca. 1936)

  • Michel Frère - "Sans titre" (1985)

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