Pablo Atchugarry Uruguay / 1954
Untitled (2015)


"Pablo Atchugarry" Luca Massimo Barbero, Shin Ed. exhib. cat., Brescia 2007, cf. p. 57 (reprod. of the version in marble)
"Atchugarry. Catalogo generale della scultura" Carlo Pirovano, Vol. II 2003-2013, Mondadori Electa, Milano 2013, cf. nr. 50 (reprod. of the version in marble)
"Pablo Atchugarry. Città eterna, eterni marmi" Marcello Francone e.a., Skira ed., exhib. cat., Milano 2015, cf. p. 127 (reprod. of a version in red lacquered bronze)
"Fundación Pablo Atchugarry: 10 años" Pablo Atchugarry e.a., Ed. Grafica Colombo, exhib. cat., Valmadrera 2017, cf. p. 493-496-497 (reprod. of versions in green , blue and black lacquered bronze)

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