Remarkable results

Remarkable results in our March 12th auction

An auction with a fine selection of the highest quality. Striking works of art were offered and unprecedented results were achieved: €640,000 for Gustave De Smet, €323,100 for Jan Fabre and €275,000 for Robert Indiana. Also, seven works of art were sold for a total amount above €100,000, in addition to forty above €25,000.

“Bid!” – “Who bids more?” Hands are raised into the air, phone lines are red hot, the auctioneer is at the ready, hammer in hand. Until the final “sold!” a short discharge. A next work of art is already being placed there on its pedestal. Excitement in the saleroom: everyone is eager to win their favorite lot. Collectors worldwide placed their bids. Persistent bidders pushed prices up and broke some auction records. Important results were recorded, especially for Belgian artists.

Edgard Tytgat - The Tragic Elder (1924)

The offer included in particular some masterpieces of Belgian Expressionism, museum worthy paintings. Jean Brusselmans, for example, got a lot of attention, with a final result of €55,440 for “Dilbeek” (1929), €36,960 for “Sitting young woman” (1946) and €43,860 for “Young woman with a red hat” (1941).

“The Harvest” (1932) by Constant Permeke achieved the important result of €115,700. Paintings by Edgard Tytgat also achieved top results. “The Tragic Elder” is an important work from 1924, full of symbolism in a narrative composition that is typical for the artist. This work changed hands for €170,800, the highest price ever achieved at auction for a work by Tytgat.

Gustave De Smet - The Pleasure Boat (1925)

But one of the stars of the auction was Gustave De Smet with the magnificent painting “The Pleasure Boat” (1925). A masterly composition, brilliant colors and rich history make this work a masterpiece. Bids were placed via all possible channels. The deciding bid was online, and the final result of €640,000 is a world record at auction for Gustave De Smet.

“The Judgement of Paris” (1949) is a beautiful drawing in Indian ink by Paul Delvaux. A dreamy and mysterious dilemma with beautiful people in an ancient setting: this is Delvaux pur sang. This piece got a lot of interest long in advance. Finally, the important result of €218,100 was recorded.

Robert Indiana - LOVE (1966-99)

Robert Indiana is an Pop Art icon. A world famous “LOVE” sculpture was included in the auction and achieved the important result of €275,000. Other American artists could also count on interest. €10,000 was quoted for the screen print “Mildred Scheel” (1980) by Andy Warhol.

Jan Fabre - The Man Who Measures the Clouds (1998)

Jan Fabre was one of this auction's highlights. His individual style transcends time and space, and his gold-colored sculptures are sought after by many collectors. “The Man Who Measures the Clouds” (1998) is an iconic work that achieved the important result of €332,100. Equally iconic is “The Man Who Gives Fire” (2002), which was sold for €166,900.

Jean-Michel Folon's sculptures were also particularly popular. His typical figures were high in demand and achieved results far beyond their estimate. “La légèreté de l'être” (2005) was sold for €96,500 and €54,180 for the beautiful pair of bookends “Lire” (2003).

Pierre Alechinsky - À vif (1996)

Cobra art turned out to be very in demand during this auction. It should come as no surprise, given the beautiful and high-quality pieces that were offered for sale. A striking sculpture is “Ma Doudou” (1974) by Roel D'Haese, which was sold for €79,100. A remarkable result was quoted for Christian Dotremont. “J'écris donc je crée” (1977) is a suite of 25 lithographs and an original logogram achieving €85,650, the highest amount ever quoted at auction for this artist.

But one artist who generated particular attention at this auction was Pierre Alechinsky. A wide variety of works by his hand were auctioned, from graphics to paintings on canvas or paper, and a few pieces achieved significant results. For example, €192,500 was quoted for “L'invention de la brouette” (1974), a work that Alechinsky painted in the studio of his friend Bengt Lindström in Sundsvall (Sweden). “À vif” (1996) is a large work in acrylic on paper on canvas, in the dynamic and spontaneous style of the artist that is indomitable like a volcanic eruption. This important work achieved €128,500. Furthermore, €47,520 was quoted for “Brise-glace” (1973), €38,700 for “L'air distrait” (1974), €30,960  for “Ante Diluvien” (1977) and €36,120 for “L'anachronisme de la faucille” (1992).

(*All results listed are including sales costs)