Remarkable results

Remarkable results in our October 23rd auction

“Who bids more?” Tension rises in the auction room. "Final call... sold !" followed by applause for the impressive results: €268.400 for Barbara Chase-Riboud, €238.000 for Evarist De Buck and €213.000 for Jean-Michel Folon. No fewer than five works of art were sold for a total amount above €200.000, in addition to four above €100.000 and thirty-one above €25.000.

On this sunny autumn day we could finally welcome our loyal customers again in the auction room. As the works of art were put on their pedestal one by one, paddles soared into the air, excited eyes twinkled, for the loudest “bid!” to resound. Nothing beats a classic live auction, with spectacular results and broken auction records.

Barbara Chase-Riboud - “Zanzibar / Gold #2” (1977)

The American artist and poet Barbara Chase-Riboud makes extraordinary sculptures touching profound and nuanced themes about history, time and localization. Attention for “Zanzibar / Gold #2” (1977), in bronze and silk, already rised before the auction. Bidding mounted up to an absolute record price for this artist at auction. The total price of €268.000 tripled the previous record - also held by De Vuyst.

Jean-Michel Folon - "Le secret" (1999)

Jean-Michel Folon's sculptures were also high in demand. The man-sized bronze sculpture “Le secret” (1999) won a total price of €213.000, while “Printemps” (2005) was sold for €40.320.

Young Belgian art turned out to be particularly popular. One of the most striking results was noted for “Black is black” (2009) by Rinus Van de Velde. Rarely seen at auction, his work reached a record price of €42.480. Arne Quinze also achieved a record price at auction, with € 32.760 for “Bidonvilleview 250313” (2013).

“Assis” (1960) by Pierre Alechinsky got a wonderful result of €213.000. Bids for Louis Van Lint raised also quickly: €57.960 for “Lumière du Thiou” (1972) and €25.200 for “Les contestataires” (1969).

Not only modern and contemporary art did well, impressionist work also reached high peaks. For example, the arcadian mother-daughter scene “Drying the laundry” (ca. 1908) by Modest Huyst was sold no less than € 75.000. “The Canadas” (1908) by Emile Claus went far beyond its estimate. After an animated bidding session, € 67.100 was quoted. By Rik Wouters there was “Attitude” (1908-09), an exceptional sculpture that cannot be grasped at a glance. In the end, it achieved a result of €158.600.

But an absolute record price was registered for Evarist De Buck. “Water fun at the Tempelhoeve” (1918) is a pointillist masterpiece and achieved the unprecedented price at auction for this artist of no less than €238.000.

Evarist De Buck - “Water fun at the Tempelhoeve” (1918)

(*All results listed are including sales costs)

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