Bronze in motion

Olivier Strebelle

Olivier Strebelle - "L'attelage" (1989)

There he goes, at full speed. With utmost concentration, the jockey steers his sulky to victory. The horse is one flowing line of movement. In its speed, the animal does not even touch the ground, but jumps to the finish line and far beyond.

"L'attelage" by Olivier Strebelle is a heady image that makes the excitement of equestrian sport tangible. The horse is represented as one expressive mass. The abstraction of the figures allows speed and energy to take shape. Hooves, mane and muscles are streamlined into a whole that captures the essence of the animal. The artist succeeds in giving expression to animal forces pushed to the limit.


Strebelle's sculptures have a strong connection to their surroundings. The artist considers the relationship they establish with the space around them, how they affect it and the dynamics they create. "L'attelage" sprouts organically from the earth. Like a primal force, the bronze gallops into the air, like a free being.

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Contemporary, Modern and Old Masters

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