A weightless doppelgänger

Jean-Michel Folon

I've only tried to capture my own dreams in the hope that others will attach theirs to them.

Jean-Michel Folon - "La légèreté de l'être" (2005)

We all know Jean-Michel Folon a little. Sometimes even unconsciously. Folon made us discover his universe through various artistic disciplines. The Brussels-born artist was a draftsman, painter, engraver, sculptor, illustrator... Few know it, but he even designed the first (unpublished) Apple logo, Mr. Macintosh, commissioned by Steve Jobs.

His art is full of recurring motifs and characters such as the famous man in the hat. A kind of doppelgänger, a Mr. Everyman who loves freedom and solitude, and who will accompany Folon throughout his artistic career. The influence of René Magritte isn’t far away.

“La légèreté de l'être” ("The Lightness of Being") depicts that same universal man, reduced to his elementary expression: two lines for the eyes, a nose, barely visible arms hidden in a cloak.

The man barely touches the ground with only one foot. A raised head stares out acceptingly. Heaven awaits. A weightless calm detached from the daily affairs around us.

This 50.5 centimeter tall bronze sculpture is the smaller version of "L'envol" (“The Flight”), that is part of the permanent exhibition of selected sculptures at Giardino delle Rose in Firenze.