Philippe Starck
Max le chinois

Max le Chinois is a stunning item designed by Phillipe Starck for Alessi in 1990. Stainless steel mirror polished outside, satin finish inside. Feet in brass casting. Phillipe Starck designed this Alessi item truly as a mutifunctional one. Originally designed as a colander, it is supplied with a black plastic insert which completely transfoms it. Max makes a marvelous and unusual wine cooler or ice bucket. It's at it's most impressive when filled with a bunch of large bold flowers. Ø 30 cm, H 29 cm.



Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck
Born in Paris in 1949, he is one of the most original and creative designers of our time. He has obtained many important acknowledgements such as the Grand Prix National de la Création industrielle and the Honor Award of the American Institute of Architects. He considers himself as "a Japanese architect, an American art director, a German industrial designer, a French artistic director, an Italian furniture designer".

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