Enzo mari
Liberty L

Cylindrical vase, in semi-rigid transparent, made by casting on a mould and subsequent application of stem with leaves and flower. Dimensions Large h 43 x 23,7 cm



Enzo mari

Enzo Mari was born in Novara in 1932. Artist and designer, in the early 1950s studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and dedicate himself to research on psychology of the vision and methodology of planning. In the late 50s as a philologist of the vocabulary of the visual arts, he decided to concern himself with design as well, aware of the need to work to improve averall quality in mass culture. The disciplinary complexity of his work has been noted by prominent figures in the world of culture. Enzo Mari who thinks creatively and builds logically (Max Bill, 1959) Enzo Mari has exposed in the most important Italian and foreign Museums, where his graphic and design are also part of the permanent collections.

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