Jasper morrison
Hexagonal containers

The British designer Jasper Morrison has worked together with Vitra for 30 years. Over the course of this long, productive period, he has created a number of small decorative objects in addition to his well-known furniture designs. Morrison has now applied his unerring instinct for proportions and materials to the creation of the Hexagonal Containers – compact all-purpose containers with a six-sided shape that can be arranged in attractive combinations. The weight of the sturdy ceramic material provides good stability, The Hexagonal Containers come in sets of three, with staggered heights in a ratio of 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. Available in coordinated colours, they serve as practical, playful holders for utensils and small objects. Material: ceramic. Package contents: set of three in different sizes.

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Jasper morrison

Born in London in 1959, studied design at the Polytechnic Design School, the Royal College of Art in London and at the HdK in Berlin. He opened his studio in London in 1986. He designs for numerous Italian design houses but also for several mass production industries. He is a well informed observer of production processes and of the historical development of varying types of design. He is also well aware that objects do not just evolve by themselves in leaps and bounds but by small progressive improvements and that this progression is dominated by seemingly ancient rituals

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