Javier mariscal
El baúl

Trunk/container. Year of production: 2005. Material: rotational-moulded polyethylene. Dimensions: b 91 d 61 h 56 cm

Magis me too


Javier mariscal

Javier Mariscal is a Valencian Spanish artist and designer whose work has spanned a wide range of mediums, ranging from painting and sculpture to interior design and landscaping. He was born in February 1950 in the city of Valencia, Spain, into a family of eleven brothers and sisters. Since 1970, he has been living and working in Barcelona. Mariscal's language is synthetic, with few strokes and a great deal of expressiveness. He started studying design at the Elisava School in Barcelona which he soon left so that he could learn directly in his environment and follow his own creative impulses. His first steps were in the world of underground comic, a task that he soon combined with illustration, sculpture, graphic design and interior design. In 1979, he designed the Bar Cel Ona logo, a work that would make him popular.

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