Roel D'Haese Belgium / 1921 - 1996
Ma Doudou (1974)


Unique copie. Directly molded in wax by Roel D'Haese. Cast at Susse, Paris and assembled by Roel D'Haese.
Gal. Artel, Genève 1975
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coll. Arthur Vandekerckhove, Gages


Ma doudou turns her head in a recurring movement. Her body seems to doubt and have a will of its own, moving in the opposite direction, while her feet seem to be utterly lost. Her heavy body wobbles on skinny legs dancing on her feet, the soles of which barely touch the ground. The hopelessly short arms rhythmically go up. It is a miracle how she manages to keep her fragile balance despite gravity.

Ma Doudou's soft features, with eyes closed and relaxed lips, radiates warm tenderness. It is the Creole name for "my sweetheart" or "my nanny". She is a caring person, who is at the same time vulnerable but also protective. In fact, her assembled body and exceptional size are repulsive and menacing. Ma Doudou wears an armor of rough modeling, sharp protrusions and indefinable body parts that protect her inherent softness.

Roel D'Haese creates erratic creatures. He makes a jumble of human body parts, some touchingly underdeveloped, others dramatically enlarged, together forming an anatomically absurd body. Its human qualities are unmistakable, but it requires imagination and effort to look beyond the monstrous and find empathy. D'haese leaves his sculptures to the accidental, the unexpected, the fantastic and the grotesque. They dance through fantasy, dream and nightmare.

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