Alan Charlton United Kingdom / 1948
Painting in three parts (1990)


Gal. S65, Aalst (purchased by the current owner)


"Alan Charlton is an artist who makes a gray painting" - is the self-proclaimed adage of the artist. In the 1970s, Charlton decided to create monochromatic paintings using only shades of gray and canvasses whose dimensions have a scale factor of 4.5 cm, the thickness of the stretcher. He chose gray because for him it was the embodiment of everyday life, but he soon realized the potential and expressiveness of this color. While working within these strict frameworks, Charlton explored a wide variety of formal possibilities and combinations with his limited materials. He tends to work in series and methodically through iterations of an idea. "I want my paintings to be: abstract, direct, urban, simple, modest, pure, quiet, honest, absolute," Charlton says of his work.

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