Victor Brauner Romania / 1903 - 1966
Metamorphisme (1961)


"Salon de Mai" The Mainichi Newspapers, Tokyo 1962
"Victor Brauner" Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris 1972, cat. nr. 163
BP Belgium
Gal. Rive Droite, Paris
coll. Mme Jean Krebs, Brussels

The eye of Victor Brauner

In the night of August 27, 1938, a Montparnasse bacchanal in the company of, among others, Oscar Dominguez will end in a skirmish, with Victor Brauner losing his left eye. This dramatic event is a revelation for the artist despite the mutilation. He is convinced being in the possession of extraordinary powers which enable him to reveal cosmic signs. An esoteric aura envelops Brauner’s surreal oeuvre.
Brauner's love for the occult and mystical is inherently entangled with his Romanian roots. Born in a small village, he participated during his childhood in his father’s spiritual séances. Folk art, symbols and archetypes from different civilizations, mainly from Egypt and Africa, inspire Brauner. His eclectic visual vocabulary transcends the traditional dichotomy between old and new, West and East, dream and reason, the abstract and the figurative.
"Metamorphism" (1961) reveals a shadowy company of hybrid creatures that float between human, animal and symbol. Figures are reduced to their most essential form, abstract with neutral hues. Two characters, one female and one male, try to reach each other. Their embrace, however, is obstructed by other presences: birds, a mask, a snake. Forms and colors flow into each other. Depicted in profile against an abstract, neutral background, without any illusion of perspective, they wink at Egyptian hieroglyphics. From a transcendent world, these mythical figures keep their eyes focused on reality.

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