Ossip Zadkine France / 1890 - 1967
Béatitude (1939)


Cast in an edition of 8 + 4 épreuves d'artiste by Susse Fondeur from 1969 on. Ex. nr. 7/8 is at the Musée Zadkine in Paris.
"Ossip Zadkine" Gal. Schmit, Paris 1970, cf. nr. 49 reprod.
"Ossip Zadkine" Hirschl and Adler Galleries, New York 1971, cf. nr. 36 reprod.
"Ossip Zadkine" Gal. Conkright, Caracas 1972, cf. nr. 15 reprod.
"Ossip Zadkine" Artcurial, Paris 1979
"Zadkine. Catalogue Raisonné des sculptures" Ionel Jianou, Éd. Arted, Paris 1979, cf. cat. nr. 475, Pl. 62 reprod.
"Ossip Zadkine. L'Oeuvre sculpté" Sylvain Lecombre, Éd. Paris-Musées 1994, cf. cat. nr. 319
This copy is included in the archives of the Zadkine Research Center.

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