Besides auctions De Vuyst also organizes thematic, retrospective, personal and group exhibitions, of contemporary, modern and old masters.
Please contact us if you would like to consign works for these exhibitions.

Karin Borghouts - Vincent was here- 13 October until 4 December 2021

A visual quest on the border between painting and photography Read more

James Ensor - Drawings and etchings - 24 February until 17 April 2021

Thirty early drawings (1878-1885) show how intensely the young Ensor practices his art. Anything his eye sees can become the object of a drawing. The objects in the interior of the house, family and friends in their daily activities and fragments of street scenes. While drawing and sketching, Ensor, the attentive observer, builds the fundamentals of a unique style, free from all conventions. Ensor regarded his etchings as fully-fledged autonomous works of art. Twenty-six etchings are comprised in this exhibition, including “La Cathédrale” (1886 & 1896), “L'archer terrible” (1888), “Les gendarmes” (1888), “Les bons juges” (1894), and “Squelettes se chauffants (1895). Read more

Eugeen Van Mieghem - 11 October until 4 November 2017

From 11 October until 4 November, Auction House & Gallery De Vuyst exhibits 24 unique and intimate portraits of Augustine Pautre by the artist Eugeen Van Mieghem (1875-1930). A number of the exhibited works will be offered for sale, among them the painting “Augustine with little Eugeen”. We kindly invite you on Sunday 15 October at 11 a.m. to the VERNISSAGE and reception for the opening of the exhibition. An introductory word will be provided by Mr. Erwin Joos, Director of the Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum. Read more

Basile de Loose - 24 February until 2 April 2016

PAINTER OF THE DOMESTIC BLISS - Basile De Loose created his own variant of romantic genre painting linked with German and Austrian Biedermeier tradition. Because of their humour and technical virtuosity his works transcend those of his contemporaries Read more

La Commune de Paris, 1871 - 6 May until 20 June 2015

A RETROSPECT ON ‘LE TEMPS DES CERISES’ - During the French-Prussian war of 1870-71, the French Army under the command of Napoleon III capitulated at the battle of Sedan. After the following German occupation of Paris, the new French government permitted a German garrison to station within the perimeters of the city. Due to a grudge towards the French government, the workers and national guards in Paris revolted on the 18th of March 1871 and exclaimed the “La Commune”. Read more

Contemorary photography - 25 February until 25 April 2015

A selection of contemporary photography. From U.S. artists, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Peter Lindbergh, Canadian artist Jeff Wall to New Wave artists Zhao Bandi from China, to Luc Tuymans from Belgium. A walk through their differences in vision, challenge and technique in art photography. Read more

Leo Dohmen - 7 Mai 2016 until 21 June 2014

Living and working were one big adventure for Leo Dohmen (1929-1999). The best pupil in the class, he went on to become head of a laboratory at the ultra-Catholic firm Gevaert in Mortsel. But he led a double life. Read more

Museum to scale1/7 - 16 October until 21 December 2013

Exclusive exhibition of the Portfolio I & Portfolio II "Museum to scale 1/7" with 32 signed prints, in an edition of 75 copies and 10 deluxe copies including 3 sculptures by Nadia Naveau, Frank Maieu and Angel Vergara Read more

Roland D'Ursel - 16 October until 22 December 2013

Following his major exhibition "Portraits d'artistes" 1948-1952 at the Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi and later at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, Gallery De Vuyst now presents around 70 pictures of d'Ursel in a collection of portraits. Read more

Georges Thiry - 16 October until 21 December 2013

"I propose to photograph them in front of their library." "I take their picture in a triangular garden, surrounded by white walls, where nothing grows, except a tree without any leaves." "I take their picture near a tablewith a bouquet of lilac and lilies." “I photograph them seated in a couch, near a mural depicting a charming parade of sirenes." "I took the artist's picture" ... "I photographed the writer" ... Read more

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