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The exhibition at The Gallery shows unique work by national and international artists. These items are immediately available for direct purchase. Paintings, sculptures, prints, photos, design, … Discover this sublime selection parallel to the exhibition for the auction of 21 October.

Bram Bogart - "Valse fleurie" (1959)

A first step towards your own art collection?
Expanding your current collection?

The Gallery showcases a high-end range of Belgian and international art, varying in price categories for every kind of art lover. Are you taking the first steps towards your very own collection, or are you looking for that one piece that adds value to your collection? Our team provides personal advice tailored to your needs.

Léon Spilliaert - "Fisherwomen on a pontoon in the harbor" (1913)

Buy whenever it suits you – also outside the auction

Away from the crowded auction room and the tight pace of bidding, The Gallery offers you the opportunity to discover works of art in a personal way. The Gallery is flexible and discreet. You don't have to wait for an auction, and can immediately proceed to a private purchase.

Benefit from our expertise

At The Gallery you can count on the experience of Galerij De Vuyst that spans more than three generations. Our years of expertise and our extensive network, offers you the opportunity to purchase unique works of art. You can rely on quality and an excellent service.

Exhibition highlights

The items will be on display at The Gallery from 11 until 18 October, concurrent with the exhibition for the 21 October auction. Would you like to receive more information about one of these works? Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Bengt Lindström - "L'homme de travers"

  • Léon Spilliaert - "Fisherwomen on a pontoon in the harbor" (1913)

  • Bram Bogart - "Valse fleurie" (1959)

  • Philippe Vandenberg - The Net (2003-2004)

  • Jan Fabre - "Adsum qui feci (I, here before you, am the guilty party)" (2016)

  • Imi Knoebel - "Ohne Titel (Folienzeichnung 61)" (1990)

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De Vuyst gives free and confidential advice to owners who wish to propose works of art for sale. Our experts are at your disposal for valuations. Request an online estimate now by use the form below.