Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 178 - 6 March 2021

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 365

Roger Raveel (Belgium / 1921 - 2013)
Tuinmuurtje (Garden wall) (1972-73)


€ 44 000 - 60 000

Photo certificate by Roger Raveel and attestation of authenticity by Octave Scheire
GARDEN WALL (1972-73)

Just like "Going out with a sheet of drawing paper" (1965, lot 306 in this auction), "Garden wall" stimulates the viewer to question his own perception and the relation between painting and the surrounding space. Raveel portrays a recognizable scene from his own familiar environment. The objects around him are his favourite subjects to shape his pictorial ideas. Painted truthfully, like the table and chairs, or with a few rough brush strokes, such as the green bush , they all fulfill their function within the composition.

"Garden wall" indicates a specific location. The title points as a pars pro toto to the garden behind the house where the couple Roger en Zulma Raveel, whether with or without guests, privately enjoyed the open air. A humble table, a lonely tree branch and the gray surface of the wall create an intimate atmosphere for these daily moments.

However, the composition is cut off abruptly at the bottom by a thick black line and a white void. A distinct border in the work between reality and abstraction, which at the same time questions the border between the painting and the surrounding space. The undetermined white space seems to tempt the viewer to some voyeurism. It's a pity that the robust wall blocks our sight to the neighbouring gardens, which only reveal a glimpse.

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