Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 180 - 23 October 2021

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 427

Raoul De Keyser (Belgium / 1930 - 2012)
Tornado (1981-82)


€ 26 000 - 36 000

"Raoul De Keyser" Richard Foncke Gal., Ghent 1982
"Raoul De Keyser" Dam 43, Middelburg 1985, ill.
"Raoul De Keyser" Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels 1986
"Initiatief 86. Selection Kasper König" Sint-Pietersabdij, Ghent 1986
"Guillaume Bijl, Jan Vercruysse, Lili Dujourie, Raoul De Keyser" Kunsthalle, Bern 1986
"Raoul De Keyser. Paintings 1980-1999" Steven Jacobs, Cera Holding & Ludion Press, Ghent 2000, nr. 416 ill.

Raoul De Keyser loved to paddle up the river Lys with his canoe, absorbing the landscapes while gliding slowly over the water. The love is so big he gave the boat a name: Tornado. These trips allowed him the opportunity to consider the curvy lines and the color planes in fields, trees, clouds or riverbanks. The paddler's point of view revealed new aesthetic perspectives to the artist.

De Keyser casts everyday reality into an aesthetic motif. He focuses on recognizable forms and extremely simplifies them. By doing so he profoundly abstracts his representation of an ordinary environment. His meticulous brushstrokes match the subject. De Keyser applies paint in various ways: long strokes form a straight blue stream, short white strokes make the waves swirl, and the brush is barely visible in the density of the red matter.

Above all, his paintings represent themselves, i.e. their inherent nature and autonomy: support and pictorial layer. The abstraction of the subject enables the painter to reflect on the autonomy of the medium. The lines and color planes focus our attention on the paint and the canvas, on color and perspective. The minimalism of composition and color emphasizes balance and serenity.

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