Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 177 - 5 December 2020

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 262

Jean Brusselmans (Belgium / 1884 - 1953)
The pears (1948)


€ 16 000 - 20 000

Although the third number of the year is difficult to read, the work undoubtedly dates from 1948. Stylistically it corresponds completely with the design of, for example, "Stilleven met waaier" from that same year. (cat. Del. 565)
"Jean Brusselmans" Groeningemuseum, Brugge 1980, cat. nr. 172 reprod. (mentioned as dated 1948)
"Jean Brusselmans" Robert-L. Delevoy, Catalogue Raisonné établi par G. Brys-Schatan, Ed. Laconti Brussels 1972, cat. nr. 252 reprod. (as 1928)
coll. Motteu, Brussels (acquired directly from the artist)

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