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Auction 177 - 5 December 2020

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 45

Emile Claus (Belgium / 1849 - 1924)
The Corn Field Road (1888)


€ 15 000 - 20 000

This painting nicely illustrates the friendship between Claus and the Antwerp liberal politician Jan Van Rijswijck, who was a city councilman in Antwerp at the time. Claus's correspondence contains repeated expressions of sympathy for the flamingant Van Rijswijck, partly in response to the municipal elections in 1887. Their like-mindedness is also apparent from mutual letters in which they shared several reading tips. Their friendship lasted, also when Claus departed to Astene, where the painting was undoubtedly painted. In 1893, the Claus couple stayed with the Van Rijswijck couple, when they celibrated their 'brass' wedding anniversary with their 'best' friends. The amicable letter, attached to the painting, makes many of the above elements tangible.
(old damage)
coll. Jan Van Rijswijck (Antwerp, 1853-1906).
This work was a gift from Claus in 1888 to Van Rijswijck in 1888, who in his turn gave it to the current owner's family.
With letter by Emile Claus to his friend, the late Antwerp mayor Jan Van Rijswijck. Dated Antwerp, 10 april 1888

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