Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 179 - 15 May 2021

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 311

Raoul De Keyser (Belgium / 1930 - 2012)
Tence Studies III, IV, V (1972)


€ 60 000 - 80 000

"Raoul De Keyser. Retour 1964-2006" Steven Jacobs, Ludion, Ghent 2007, p. 72 ill.

Raoul De Keyser casts everyday reality into an aesthetic motif. He prefers to depict the recreational landscape in which he resides: a campsite or football field under sliding clouds. He takes representative close-ups and enlarges objects to such an extent that they become almost unrecognizable abstract fragments.

The triptych shows a tent canvas, a guy line and a tent pole. The green indicates surrounding nature. Only a few minimalist shapes refer to the camping scene. Basically we see a canvas, a line and color on the canvas. These elements refer simultaneously to what is represented as to the means by which it is represented, namely a support containing composition and paint.

Above all, De Keyser's paintings represent themselves, i.e. the inherent nature and autonomy of a painting: the support and the pictorial layer. His canvases are representations of things in their most simple form, inciting the artist to pictorial contemplation. The profound abstraction represents the essence of things. It is pushed even further by conceiving the work as a triptych, thus shifting the focus to the artwork as an object as such.

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