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Auction 177 - 5 December 2020

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 275

Jacques Lipchitz (France / 1891 - 1973)
Study for a Monument (Spirit of Enterprise) (1951)


€ 42 000 - 50 000

Study for the eponymous monument that was installed in 1960 at the Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia (U.S.A.)
"The Sculpture of Jacques Lipchitz. A Catalogue Raisonné. The American Years 1941-1973" Vol. 2, Alan G. Wilkinson, New York 2000, cf. nr. 454 reprod.
With documentation


In 1950 Jacques Lipchitz received his first public commission since moving to the United States. The Fairmount Park Association in Philadelphia asked him to create a monumental work that captured "the physical power of man, their imaginative dreams, the surge of their material expansion, the skill of craftsmanship, the power of labor". The work offered here is an earlier study, which shows the figure carrying a dove as a sign of peace and progress. The final version, which is about 3.5 meters high, will show an eagle, which is closer to the American way of thinking.

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