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Gustave De Smet (Belgium / 1877 - 1943)
Portrait of the artist (A walk in the snow) (1937)


€ 65 000 - 75 000

"Gustave De Smet" Kunstzaal Ars, Ghent 1938
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coll. J. Raes-Ziane, Sint-Martens-Latem
coll. P. Raes, Ohain
coll. Antoon De Pesseroey, Sint-Martens-Latem


At the time, this "Self-portrait" or "Walk in the snow" by Gustave de Smet belonged to Antoon de Pesseroey, honorary mayor of Deurle. With residents such as Gustave De Smet, Jenny Montigny and Cyriel Buysse, the village was a known haven for artistic talent. De Pesseroey engaged himself as a collector, critic and friend to the artists in his village and the surrounding area. One of his most important legacies is the publication in 1976 of the monograph "A Hundred Self-Portraits", in which the most important Belgian artists of his time are immortalized. The poet Jozef De Belder makes a marvelous description of the self-portrait of Gustave de Smet:

"He has been walking for a long time on that gray winter day and drawing in the cold outside. But now the early twilight compels him to return to his home in the small village. The evening has come, softly obscuring the bucolic distances along the river, and here and there, as he emerges from the snow-covered swamps, a small farm reveals itself as a poor shelter from the harshness of winter. It won't be long before the peaceful and vast land of the Lys is completely lost in freezing darkness.

At home his wife awaits him with dinner prepared, with the dog and the warm kindness of the room heated by fire and lit by lamplight. Now is the time to take off the heavy overcoat and the thick scarf for the day. His folder with sketches lies waiting on the table until after dinner, when it will be opened again and the day's drawings will be carefully examined. […]

Tomorrow he will step again across the fields in search of those landscapes that touch his heart and eye and that will offer him the lines, tones and colors he needs to furnish the collection of images stored in his susceptible poet's heart."

("A Hundred Self-Portraits " Antoon De Pesseroey, Brussels 1976, p. 90)

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