Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 172 - 2 March 2019

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 279

Ossip Zadkine (France / 1890 - 1967)
Orpheus (1960)


€ 110 000 - 140 000

Ex. nr. 6/6 is in the collection of the Zadkine museum
"Ossip Zadkine" Gal. Im Erker, St. Gallen, 10.06-29.07/1961, cf. nr. 16 reprod.
"Ossip Zadkine" Gemeentemuseum, Arnhem, 08.07-16.09/1962, cf. nr. 54
"Zadkine et les poètes" Librairie Fischbacher, Paris, 12/1962-01/1963, cf. nr. 1
"Ossip Zadkine" Casino, Knokke-Heist, 30.06-09.09/1963, cf. nr. 49
"Ossip Zadkine" Gal. am Dom, Karmelitenkloster, Frankfurt, 20.10-07.12/1963, cf. nr. 23 reprod.
"Ossip Zadkine" Kunsthaus, Zürich, 01.09-24.10/1965, cf. nr. 119
"Ossip Zadkine" Kunsthaus Lempertz, Köln, 02.04-14.05/1966, cf. nr. 68
"Ossip Zadkine" Palais de la Méditerranée, Nice, Saison 1966/1967, cf. nr. 14 reprod.
"Ossip Zadkine & Valentine Prax" Contemporary Sculpture Centre, Tokyo, Osaka, 01.09-15.10/1977, cf. nr. 12 reprod.
"30 ans d'art moderne" Gilles Néret, Fernand Nathan, Paris 1988, cf. p. 124
"Ossip Zadkine. L'Oeuvre sculpté" Sylvain Lecombre Éd. Paris-Musées 1994, cf. nr. 516, p. 579 reprod.
Registered at the Ossip Zadkine Research Center
auction Christie's, New York 9th of Nov. 2000, lot nr. 289

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