Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 174 - 19 October 2019

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 183

Ossip Zadkine (France / 1890 - 1967)
Le palefrenier (The horse groom) (1932)


€ 30 000 - 40 000

This work is registered in the Zadkine Research Center
coll. Jozef De Coene, Courtray
auction Gal. De Vuyst, Lokeren, 26 May 1984, lot nr. 664

Ossip Zadkine - More than a sculptor

In the 1930s, Zakdine uses a number of themes that create cheerful accents in his oeuvre. He draws inspiration from the circus, harlequins, masked figures and music. Since Zadkine themed only a few animal works during this period, the gouache "The stable boy" is rather unique. Influenced by aspects of cubism and primitive art, he gives shape to the caring hand of a stable boy for his horse, an intimate scene between man and animal.

In addition to his sculptures, his gouaches and drawings occupy an important position within Zadkine's oeuvre. His fiancé Valentine Prax noted in her memoirs about Zadkine, whom she invariably addressed with his last name: "To conclude this memorable evening we visited a small restaurant where Zadkine had delicacies in mind; a really extraordinarily tasty onion soup! In this soup, islands of cheese floated and seeing it made Zadkine think: "You know what my hope is," he said, "it is very modest: being able to sell a gouache or a drawing every day or every other day, and therefore being able to sell enough to eat and go to the movies two or three times a week. But yes, that dream is difficult to realize. "". Clearly Zadkine spent a lot of time and energy making works on paper before he aspired to become a good sculptor. On paper he was able to reveal scenes, moods and confrontations that he could not express in sculptures or that were difficult to implement.

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