Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 172 - 2 March 2019

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 4

Gillis Neyts (Flemish School / 1615/23-1687)
Landscape with the Antwerp Cathedral (1681)


€ 10 000 - 14 000

"Exposition rétrospective du paysage flamand, XVIe, XVIIe, XVIIIe siècles" KMSK, Brussels 1926, nr. 211, pl. XXII reprod.
"Le paysage flamand au XVIIe siècle" Y. Thiéry, Brussels 1953, p. 85 & 187
"Les peintres flamands de paysage au XVIIe siècle. Le baroque anversois et l'école bruxelloise" Y. Thiéry & M. Kervyn de Meerendré, Brussels 1987, p. 76 & 248, nr. 3
"Gillis Neyts. Un paysagiste brabançon en vallée mosane au XVIIe siècle" Dr. Pierre Gustot, Société Archéologique de Namur, Namur 2008, P15 reprod.
auction coll. De Fursac, Brussel, 15th of Dec. 1923, nr. 158
auction coll. de Winter, Gal. Georges Giroux, Brussels, 12th of March 1928, nr. 40

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