Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 179 - 15 May 2021

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 123

Jean-Jacques Gailliard (Belgium / 1890 - 1976)
La colonne de Mercure (The column of Mercury) (1923)


€ 38 000 - 50 000

"Tentoonstelling van werken van de Belgische schilders Maurits Cantens en Jean-Jacques Gailliard" Beneluxhuis, Den Haag 1958
"Jean-Jacques Gailliard. Oeuvres de 1920 à 1930. Passé simple et Futur antérieur" Au cheval de verre, Brussels 1958, cat. nr. 7
"Jean-Jacques Gailliard. Mon langage, c'est la joie" Stadhuis van Sint-Gillis, Brussels 1961, cat. nr. 8
"Jean-Jacques Gailliard. En l'honneur d'un des grands maîtres surimpressionnistes de la peinture belge" Gal. van de XXste eeuw, Antwerp 1972
"Le plastique pure belge autour de Pierre-Louis Flouquet" Gal. Armorial, Brussels 1977
"Jean-Jacques Gailliard. Les jeux de l'abstrait entre 1920 et 1930" Gal. Armorial, Brussels 1979, cat. nr. 10
"Jean-Jacques Gailliard (1890-1976)" KMSK, Brussels 1989, cat. nr. 20, ill. on the cover & p. 36, 43
"Jean-Jacques Gailliard. Les jeux de l'abstrait 1920-1930" Xavier Canonne, Antwerp 2017, Cahier N°1 "De l'abstrait", p. 19 ill. of the drawing mentioning the painting

Painting is a game for Gailliard. A game of hands and mind, in which the inner and the outer merge. For him painting was the synthesis of the material and the spiritual. Stained brush strokes and warm earthy tones emphasize the materiality of the painting. His adventure in abstraction does not lead to cool geometry, like that of his colleagues. Gaillard's geometry is dreamy, loose and imaginative. A surreal abstraction connecting nature and imagination.

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