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Auction 178 - 6 March 2021

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 446

Jef Verheyen (Belgium / 1932 - 1984)
Grand Luberon flottant (1984)


€ 95 000 - 120 000

The wooden frame is original and painted in blue
"Retrospectieve Jef Verheyen" PMMK, Ostend 1994, cat. nr. 137, p. 154 ill.
the work was registered by the Jef Verheyen archive
coll. Léonore Verheyen, purchased by the current owner


The poetic title "Grand Luberon flottant" suggests a paradise dream of light and color. Jef Verheyen's wall-to-wall canvas is not just a painting, it is a materialized dream that seems to emerge from the wall to reflect our wishes and desires. It is a window to another dimension, another reality.

Verheyen uses a refined glazing technique in which he builds up multiple translucent layers, thus obtaining subtle color gradations. The colors transform within the veiled motif of a perfect geometric structure which is an optical illusion only unconsciously perceived by the viewer. The mathematical perfection of geometric shapes combined with a color metamorphosis creates a satisfied feeling of well-being and safety.

Unlike a classic "tableau", Jef Verheyen creates a spatial experience that surpasses materiality. He creates a transcendent experience in which we are enveloped and intoxicated by color, causing us to lose all sense of spaciousness. In his work we experience both light and dark, depth and surface, two-dimensionality and non-dimensionality.
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