Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters

Auction 179 - 15 May 2021

Contemporary, Modern Art and Old Masters Lot 551

Jean-Michel Folon (Belgium / 1934 - 2005)
Évasions (Escapes) (2002)


€ 130 000 - 180 000

In an edition of 8 + 4AP
"Folon. La mia Firenze" Marilena Pasquali, Noèdizioni, Firenze 2005, cf. ill. on the cover and p. 18-19, 38-39 (of the larger variant, 250 x 440 cm)
"Folon. Sculpturen" Ed. Snoeck, Gent 2008, cf. p. 218-220 ill. (of the larger variant)
Gal. Guy Pieters, Knokke


The artworks of Jean-Michel Folon make you dream of travel and adventure. The suitcase, like the bird, is a recurring motif in his oeuvre. Symbolizing freedom and escapism, the long journey of an artist, it embodies the life course of every one of us.

Folon makes sturdy sculptures in solid bronze. After all, they have to be resistant. They are not meant to stand in a dusty museum hall, but to interact with nature and the elements. The sculptures defy wind and weather, sun and rain, sea and forest. The suitcase becomes one with his environment, just like the trees, the clouds and the grass.

What a surreal sight! The landscape is framed by the contours of a gigantic suitcase. The birds completely ignore the framing. Their flight crisscrosses the suitcase, just like the surrounding landscape, which cannot be delineated. "Évasions" is to escape to an unlimited adventure, to a wide world opening up.

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